CA State Conference - 2007 - Santa Clara Chapter


Come, Learn Your Art in San Francisco!

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Exhibitor Information

Exhibitor Questions and Issues should be addressed to:

Exhibits - Fenton Murray: / 831-722-6742

Exhibitors wishing to send materials should time shipment to arrive no
earlier than February 5th 2007.
Mark your boxes: For Exhibitor "Your Company/Name" and mail to:

San Francisco Airport Marriott
Attn. Piano Technicians Guild
1800 Old Bayshore Highway
Burlingame, CA 94010

Staging area, salons I-J, are available 6AM to Midnight Thursday and
6PM Sunday to noon on Monday. Partitions will be opened during setup
and teardown so items can be moved directly. Exhibit hall is available for
setup as of 5PM Thursday. Exhibit hall is open 9AM on Friday, and is
closed 6PM Saturday. Tear down is between 3 and 7PM Sunday,
it must be vacated by 7PM Sunday. Staging area avalable for
teardown 6PM Sunday to noon on Monday.

Event Mgr at hotel is:

Jocelyn Comacho 650-259-6626

download exhibitor application


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