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29 January 2008

Upcoming soundboard design lecture: Sat 26 APR 2008 in Berkeley, RSVP

Filed under: Administrivia — Dave Stahl @ 6:35 am

Check out Sacramento’s website: http://www.markstivers.com/valytech/  for up-to-the-minute updates.
Be expecting a postcard regarding this event.
> Hello all,
> I just recieved confirmation regarding the event of April 26 Saturday.
> Ulrich Sauter will give a 1-1/2 to 2 hour lecture titled
> “Soundboard Design 2″. The lecture will be followed by lunch or
> brunch and entertainment.
> The pianists will be Robin Southerland from the San Francisco
> Symphony and Jazz artist Delbert Bump (if you have never heard
> Delbert you really do not want to miss him).
> The location is R.Kassman Piano Store at 843 Gilman St Suite B in
> Berkley 94710.
> RSVP is required especially to reserve your food.
> There is a minimal $10.00 fee that can be sent to me by check made
> payable to Sacramento Valley Chapter PTG or payment can be made at
> the door.
> The lecture will begin at 10am.
> My address is
> Gene Nelson
> 5585 Dragon Springs Road
> Placerville Ca 95667
> I am the main contact person and can be reached at:
> 530-6773366 or 530-3062942(cell) email nelsong@intune88.com
> Also the number of the store is 510-5580765


Palo Alto Elks Lodge to be demolished. Auction Time! 3 pianos, 1 organ! Sunday 30 MAR 08

Filed under: Administrivia — Dave Stahl @ 6:26 am

This just came in from chapter member Tom Gorely, RPT:

The Palo Alto Elks Lodge is about to be demolished.  On Sunday, March 30, They are holding a silent auction of all their stuff.  It is one of the largest Elks Lodges in the country, and have a ballroom, 2 large cocktail lounges, an exercise room with many hundreds of lockers, a sauna, billiards room with 8 tables, cue sticks, desks, tables and chairs from some offices and meeting rooms. Kitchen equipment that served large banquets. An outdoor and indoor swimming pool, chaise lounges. Two upright and one grand piano, a couple of organs. Probably not in good condition.

All the furniture, tools, parts will be sold.  If you think there is anything here that would be useful to you then come to the silent auction.  In a silent auction you will find a list near the part for sale. Put you name and bid on the list.  If someone later adds their name to the list with a higher price then you can put your name in again and out-bid them.

It is being held from 1 to 3 PM on Sunday, March 30 at the Elks Lodge, 4249 El Camino Real, in Palo Alto.  Look for the large (200 car) parking lot next to Trader Vics Restaurant.  It is barely south of Arastradero/Charleston Rds on El Camino.

Their website is Paloaltoelks.org, but strangely, no mention is made of the auction on that website.

For those who are interested, The Elks owned 8 acres of land on El Camino and sold 4 acres for $25 million.  They are going to put up a $21 million lodge on the remaining 4 acres. The auction is part of preparation for the demolition.

Tom Gorley

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5 January 2008

April 26: Soundboard Design 2 by Ulrich Sauter

Filed under: Editorial — Dave Stahl @ 12:44 pm
Ulrich Sauter will give a 1-1/2 to 2 hour lecture titled “Soundboard Design 2″. The lecture will be followed by lunch or brunch and entertainment.The pianists will be Robin Southerland from the San Francisco Symphony and Jazz artist Delbert Bump.
The location is R.Kassman Piano Store at 843 Gilman St Suite B in Berkley 94710. The lecture begins at 10 am.
You must RSVP by email or phone.
The fee is $10; pay at the door or send a check payable to “Sacramento Valley PTG” to:
Gene Nelson
5585 Dragon Springs Road
Placerville Ca 95667
(530) 677-3366 or (530) 306-2942 (cell)
Or call the store at (510) 558-0765

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6 November 2007

Chapter Member Britain Wilson recovering after overturn accident

Filed under: Editorial — Richard Barber @ 10:08 pm

All of our thoughts and prayers are with the Wilson family tonight as we learned on the front page of the Santa Cruz Sentinel how Britain Wilson, son of Des Wilson and one of our chapter’s newest associates, survived a very scary accident on SR-17 yesterday. Britain was driving his empty truck on 17 when he was rammed from behind by the driver of a compact sedan, who is also thankfully recovering. The impact apparently caused the Burton & Wilson Piano Craftsmen piano truck to loose traction and ended up overturned, teetering over the center divide and into the opposing lanes.
Thanks for letting me know, Peter, and thanks to Fenton, who was able to visit Britain in the hospital earlier today.

Here is the link to the Santa Cruz Sentinel story.

23 September 2007

October and November Technicals

Filed under: Vice-President's Bulletin — NeilPanton @ 8:47 am

Just a reminder that our tech session on October 23rd will be with Tom Cole demonstrating tool sharpening techniques. Our November 27th session will be a mock tuning exam - a chance to see the entire tuning exam process. There will be no meeting in December.

We are currently confirming tech sessions for next year. It looks like we will have some fun and exciting classes to present.

Neil Panton - V.P. Santa Clara Valley Chapter PTG

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